Behind the Camera
My name is Joseph Lee. I'm a graphic design and International Rescue and Relief student at Union College. My passion is using photos, videos, and design to tell a story or communicate a message. I’ve been taking photos professionally for three years, and work with every genre of photography. I also work with Union College’s marketing department designing and taking photos. Recently I joined the marketing team at VRLY, capturing content for realtors. In my free time I rock climb and am head photographer for the Clocktower newsletter.
Growing up in Colorado introduced me to the Rockies and I’ve been hooked on mountains ever since. I have photographed hundreds of landscapes, from the Colorado Rockies to the Makaleha Mountains of Kauai, Hawaii. Traveling has helped me to develop my artistic style and push my photos to new levels. I have aspirations to travel the American West, capturing experiences and moments with my photography.

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